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Apprenticeship Webinar

January 13, 2022

As part of our ongoing Dialogue for Diversity series, IICF is excited to bring you Connecting Talent with Opportunity: Apprenticeship Programs on January 13, 2022, a special webcast for our community.

Since 2017, the Chicago Apprentice Network has grown from three founding companies – Accenture, Aon and Zurich North America – to more than 50 companies across multiple industries. Expansion is also taking place in other communities.

This special one-hour event features a panel of experienced program managers and a new adopter of the Apprenticeship Program sharing insight on how to establish and build a successful program. You can expect to hear authentic testimonials from apprenticeship program graduates now working for Aon and Zurich, along with feedback from a hiring manager.


Soni Basi
Global Head of Talent

Al Crook
Head of HR Business Partners and Apprenticeship
Zurich, North America

Meghan Parrilla
VP, Global Early Careers - Apprenticeships

Moderator:  Lori Goltermann
CEO, Enterprise Clients

Two of our panelists, Meghan Parrilla and Al Crook, were instrumental in the creation of the Chicago Apprentice Network and will be sharing information about its success to help companies in other communities create or expand additional apprenticeship programs.

These programs are community partnerships that involve community leaders and community colleges providing education and degrees for the apprentices.
The apprenticeship model solves talent needs at individual organizations but also supports talent pipeline for the industry overall. Program success has been measured by a high retention rate after the apprentices graduated from the program and continued employment.

Industrywide collaboration allows greater success for all - there is power in working together to move these programs forward at scale.
Everyone is growing and learning together!

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